V.A. BRIDGE NINE ´The First Nine Years´ [7" Box Set]

This box set contains FIVE! 7" records with 29 songs in total of all the bands that releases with the label from 1995 until 2004. Rounded up with a 128 pages book this in a box with a magnet cover seal. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

1. What It Meant (TenFold)
2. What I've Seen (The Trust)
3. Scenester Pride (Proclamation)
4. More Than I've Got (Right Brigade)
5. As One We Stand (Death Threat)
6. There's a Black Hole in the Shadow of the Pru (American Nightmare)
7. Misery Loves Company (Shark Attack)
8. Forget The Words (Breaker Breaker)
9. A Life Less Plagued (Carry On)
10. On The Decline (Cops And Robbers)
11. Answer The Call (No Warning)
12. No Love Goes Unpunished (The Hope Conspiracy)
13. Turn Cold (Panic)
14. We All Do Time (Breathe In)
15. Cage (Reaching Forward)
16. Switchblades & Serenades (Sworn In)
17. Fuck These People (Some Kind Of Hate)
18. The Decline (Champion)
19. Tear It Down (Striking Distance)
20. These Hollowed Halls (Holding On)
21. Identity (Slapshot)
22. Sleep (Ramallah)
23. End of the Line (Stand & Fight)
24. Push It Away (Terror)
25. Get an Oxygen Tank (Mental)
26. And If... (The Distance)
27. You Make Us Sick (Outbreak)
28. Empty (Anger Regiment)
29. Straight Edge Revenge (Project X)